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custom solid copper wall mount

machined from solid copper extrusion profiles, this custom mount is part matches the overall material choice for an arty copper boat. copper boat needs copper wall mount ... The locking mechanism is based on keylock wall mounts.

3D wooden object

A 50mm diameter freeform surface with 3 symmetry planes.
Machined from kebony - a stabilized wood for outdoor applications.

3D printed KUKA model

This FDM printed scale model of a KR150 nicely demonstrates, what current FDM printing can achieve. 5 axis of the robot are moveable. Printed with 2 different colors - not paint added.

foldable dibond structure

This V-engraved and CNC cut dibond part can be folded into a 14 sided polygon that turns into a rather solid structure by adding 4 rivets. The outside has an amazing mirror finish.

Mt. Everest isolines

This is the backside of the Mt.Everest relief. It shows the isolines of the relief along with a scale and the north indicator.
The lines and the text have been laser engraved and the resulting groves have been filled with different color of paint.

Wooden Letters #2

This is a small batch of CNC machined wooden letters for traditional printing. The image shows some of the special characters.

Power Half Bridge Driver

The green PCB consists of 9 half bridges as well as drivers and a microcontroller. It is used to power up the black PCB and it's components. The contact layout allows the driver PCB to connect t in both orientations.

HF probe fixture manufacturing

Small batch production of white HGW components for industrial RF measurement purposes. HGW can be glued easily and offers low water absorption - both important for the intended use.

generic 3D relief

This is a smooth wooden object machined with a 6mm ballmill. The material is Baubuche, an industrial beech based composite.

Mt. Everest acrylic

Another Mt. Everst relief - this time made from solid clear acrylic. Finishing pass with a 2mm ball mill. Postprocessed with flame polishing.

PCB prototype

CNC machined PCB with all important parts in place. Ready to connect the loads.

Aluminium cover

Small aluminium cover with M3 mounting holes and some extra pockets. It is used to protect a selectronic circuit from harsh environment

Carbon fiber sheet

The parts are still wet. CNC Machining takes place under water to avoid any contamination with the unhealty carbon fiber dust.

Solderable mechanical connector

Serveral CNC machined parts that act as mount for the gold plated spring contacts. The contact fit into the profile and can easily be soldered. The complete unit may be cable tied to almost anything .

Special Custom Prototype

This red part is a nowel feature part that is designed to be fully compatible with the gravitrax marble toy. Two-sided CNC part in red Corian.

Multiplex Letters

A set of CNC machined letters in 3D. This job was part of a study concerning wooden letter manufacturing.

Wooden Letters #1

This is a small batch of CNC machined wooden letters for traditional printing. A hole alphabet set even including the nordic å letter.

Drop-in Module

Another 8x half bridge driver including a current sensing unit with a low power amplifier and a tiny RGB led. The surrounding unit is a customized JTAG programming adapter with an additional serial communication interface. Board size is 34x43mm.

Mt. Everest relief

World's highest mountain scaled by 1:125000. The relief is 36mm high and covers the 14km x 14km region around Mt. Everest.
CNC machined from 3 layers of acrylic copolymer.


This is a custom laminated piece of masonite. It consists of alternating layers of veneer and office paper - every 10th layer of paper is red. It has been build for a 3D relief. Glued with 2k epoxy.

timing belt pulley

CNC machined plastic timing belt pulley for state-of-the-art carbon CTD 8M timing belt. Integrated bearing seat, alignment pins and mounting holes.

Spray Stencil

That's a typical stencil used for advertising events with spay chalk. Light, durable, flexible, rollable.

lizard cutting boards

A set of two ash cutting boards with rosewood Escher inspired veneer lizard inlays. CNC machined board with lasercut veneer inlay.

Complete mechanical assembly

Complete mechanical assembly according to customer specification. CNC machined HGW and POM connected with threads and bolts.