designing  &  engineering  &  prototyping
in Berlin

With 6 years' experience, I've helped customers as CNC machining master, prototyper,
embedded systems developer, mechanical engineer, CAD designer, material scientist, inventor.

This site showcases some of my work.

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about me


I love to rethink a design, to cut parts on a CNC router, to make things work and to teach others. I like digital fabrication as well as traditional crafting - I like the smell of wood.

As a freelancer, I offer constulting and hands-on for various stages of your idea ... brainstorming, researching, designing, developing, prototyping, testing, fabricating, assembling, optimizing ...

In the past 6 years, I supported customers with various services. Among them are last-minute prototyping, mechanical CAD development, experimental CNC machining, g-code optimization, design preparation for manufacturing, parametric PCB design, embedded electronic development, technical consulting ...

CNC machining

simple parts, letters, signs, 3D objects, advanced composites, moulds

Electronic Development

design, embedded development, layout, manufacturing, testing, integration

Mechanical CAD

designing new parts and assemblies, optimizing existing designs


new ideas sometimes need fresh input - bounce an idea against me and see what comes back

Geodata Visualization

transform map data and map information into haptic objects

Technical Consulting

let's talk about your issues and we will find a way to deal with them

selected Work


This is a small selection of my past work to give you an impression on what you can expect. More examples are shown in the gallery.

Freeform CNC parts

Custom 3D parts such as a design study, a template for mould making or just a nice object - Kebony

Engineering CNC parts

Parts mainly machined from aluminium or advanced plastics like POM or PEEK - metal case

Letters & Signs

Wooden, plastic or metal letters and logos for stamps, burn stamps, signs - wood letters

Special Custom Prototype

This red part is a nowel feature part that is designed to be fully compatible with the gravitrax marble toy. Two-sided CNC part in red Corian.

Electronic Development

custom embedded electronics - drop-in half bridge driver module on a mating programming adapter

PCB Design

more than basic PCB designs - highly specialized parametric PCB including countless vias

Carbon Composite Manufacturing

Wet machined composites or laminations on custom made moulds - carbon mount

Geodata Made Real

Maps are great information sources, 3D object are even better - Mt. Everest region 1:125000

Custom Materials

Sometimes required materials are unavailable of the shelf - custom stacked mikarta laminate



I have a wide customer base ranging from creative individuals, freelancers, startups, agencies to established companies. Thanks for your trust, inspiration and upcoming requests.
Here is a selection of my past and current clients.

You have an idea and want a prototype ?

I offer express manufacturing - even overnight express - to match your tight deadlines. Some materials are on stock
any many more are available almost instantly from local suppliers.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you are in a hurry.

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