who am i ?

I'm an engineer from Berlin, the capital city of Germany. I completed a Dipl. Ing. Physikalische Ingenieurwissenschaft with honor at the Technische Universität Berlin. In my past work at Charité and Biotronik I further developed my engineering skills, trained the creative parts of my brain and improved in debugging.
In 2011 I started my company designIng. ?

During my first years after university I noticed a huge barrier between designers and engineers: different background, thinking and language. So I originally started my company as designIng - a service for designing and engineering. In 2017 I changed the name to just because I'm based in Berlin and most of my work fits the general meaning of designing.



No matter what I'm doing, only little can be done without tools. Even just a piece of paper and a pencil - tools are important to do anything and there is a wide range of tools in my life: my favourite Rotring mechanical pencil, my Mitutoyo caliper, my JCB soldering stations, my Erem pliers, my set of Lie Nielsen chisels, my infrared camera, my good old lathe, a desktop sand blaster, an FDM 3D printer, a CNC router, a 80W high speed laser cutter ...
Here is a selection of my favourite tools.

CNC machine

most versative digital fabrication

Digital fabrication seems to be dominated by 3D printers. For most of my work a CNC router is a more useful machine ... higher precision, a wider range of materials, faster manufacturing and superior surface quality.

IR camera

magic debugger

I like my ordinary camera, but I love the IR camera since it reveals the invisible. Which transistor has a thermal issue? Wow fast does the motor heat up? At which load does the battery heat up beyond specified limits?

vinyl cutter

fast and precise

I can hardly resist it's simplicity and speed. Cuts a custom sticker to mark almost anything, anysize. Cuts a T-shirt iron on logo for tomorrows party. Cuts an SMD solder paste stencil for reflow soldering.



I'm very glad to have a wide range of customers with different backgrounds. It's a pleasure to support you in one or many ways and to get inspired by you and your ideas. Thank you.

You have an idea or need advise ?

There may be a good answer to your question ... I love to share my ideas, knowledge and experience in various technical fields ... a knowledge transfer that may save you days, weeks or month ...

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